Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Cooking with Kelsey

     I thought I would share a light-hearted post today.  Perhaps it will bring a smile...

    Sometimes, because we are weird fun, Colton and I pretend I have a cooking show called Cooking with Kelsey, in which I share my most helpful cooking tips.  Colton knows that if he hears me in the kitchen say, "On today's episode of Cooking with Kelsey," I am about to impart one of my nuggets of culinary wisdom.  Perhaps you'd like to tune in and glean some helpful hints?  

    On today's episode of Cooking with Kelsey:

    ~ A watched pot never boils...especially if you don't turn the burner on.

    ~If after several minutes on the stove your bacon has not begun to sizzle, be sure you have turned on the correct burner.  Your hungry family will thank you.

    ~ Milk does not belong in the pantry.

    ~If you have searched your entire house (see previous tip) to no avail for the meat you set out to thaw for supper, be sure you did not in fact cook it two nights prior.

    ~There is a big difference between a teaspoon of sage and a tablespoon of sage.

    And a final gem from my teenage years at home...

    ~If you have been asked to prepare a dessert for an event you are attending, do not attempt to try a new recipe the night before the dessert is needed or you may end up with flan all over the kitchen floor at midnight.

    What about you?  Do you have any helpful hints to share with our audience?  (Tell me I'm not the only one!)


  1. Hahaha! We all learn the hard way! I love your "show"- I think I will start one!😊

    1. Unfortunately I have a lot of "re-runs" involving the first tip, haha! Thanks for "tuning in" Angela. 😉

  2. Love ALL your helpful hints!
    The one I have is that there is a HUGE difference between a little sprinkle of ground cloves and a teaspoon of ground cloves...
    Oh and one from my teenage years that I learned from a friend, is that NEVER, EVER get your hair close to a working burner. It won't be pretty!

    1. Great tips, Paula! I will definitely remember the one about the hair! 😅

  3. If you meant to thaw meat sauce for spaghetti and you in fact thaw chili you will have a weirdly degusting dinner wondering why your spaghetti is spicy and what the mushy parts are in there which were the beans.

    1. Oh Lana, that is too funny! I can see how that could happen!


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