Saturday, January 22, 2022

Pressing On


     Hello, everyone!

    I want to thank those of you who have checked on me during my absence.  The last months of 2021 were quite hard on me, with the death of a loved one and a few other unrelated (but very serious) circumstances.  It seemed like they just came one after another, and while I meant to announce a blogging break, I just couldn't find a way to word it.

    I do apologize for such sporadic posts.  Life happens, and the online world is the first thing to take a back seat when things turn south or I simply get busy.  Thank you for bearing with me.

    Things have settled, and our family is doing well.  

    Because of the aforementioned circumstances, it was very difficult to be motivated for the new year as I usually am.  I don't mean to sound so doom-and gloom, but sometimes that's just the way things are!  The turning of a calendar page would not alter any of the hardships I was facing but rather be a continuation of them.

    Nevertheless, the calendar page does turn, and we must press on.  I suppose we all go through times like these, and I see it more and more the older I get.  It would be easy to succumb, I do confess.  

    But I have a Comforter, and therein lies the key.  If we press on towards the mark, if we keep our eyes upon Jesus, if we can hope in eternity and look at things through a biblical lens, the fog lifts and things get much clearer.  We have a purpose, as I have written before, that goes beyond our circumstances.  And so I enter 2022, not necessarily with excitement, but with resolve and renewed strength, knowing that Jesus will guide me through it.

    As for this little blog,  I have so many posts swirling through my mind (not gloomy ones, don't worry!), but I think I have learned by now not to make any promises about regularity despite the best of intentions (*ahem* monthly craft posts).  I hope to add more soon!


  1. {{Hugs}} Kelsey, take all the time you need to heal and deal with what life has handed you. We'll be here whenever you're able to post.

  2. I just read your post. I'm sorry for your loss, Kelsey. I lost my father on the 26th of December a few years ago and it was hard, so that time of the year is always a bit sweet and sour for me.
    Jesus is indeed our Comforter and I know that He will comfort your heart and take care of you. And like Patsi says, take all the time you need to heal.
    Love, hugs and prayers from this corner of the world!


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